Post Exercise Fitness Workout Secrets


Your exercise fitness workout has just finished. You are done! Now off to the refrigerator to replenish yourself, and relax.

This is a common attitude of most fitness program participants. Once the workout has completed, it is over. The training session has finished, and it is time to live life. Not so fast!

People are on exercise fitness programs for a variety of reasons which includes weight loss, muscle building, longevity, and even athletic performance.

Even though each one of these individuals are on a customized exercise fitness workout, they all have one aspect in common – time after their training sessions that can be used to propel them toward their goals.

Most exercise program participants don’t really realize how crucial their post workout time is towards achieving their specific goals. In fact, the exercise fitness program doesn’t just end when the workout is completed. Effort needs to be continued outside of training sessions in order to reach a particular goal.

An example would be a person who is interested in weight loss. This person just finished a 1 hour exercise fitness workout that burned off 500 calories. After completion of the fitness program, they proceed to go home, and raid the refrigerator to replace the workout energy expended with 2000 calories of pizza, and ice cream. Hold on a second! This person did workout, didn’t they? Therefore, they can eat as much possible. Right? Wrong!

No matter what goal you have set for yourself, it is important to consider these 5 post workout fitness tips.

1. Fitness is a 24 hour a day lifestyle. You must fully participate in this behavior 24 hours a day, sleep included, for optimum physical fitness workout results. When you finish your exercise fitness workout, the program never stops. Please develop that mindset.

2. Consider the calories you burned off versus the amount you ingested. Don’t spend an hour in the gym burning off 500 calories when you are going to go home and put away 3000 calories to reward yourself for a good workout. That is called sabotage.

For muscle building, make sure your calories are slightly higher than the amount you have burned off. Please note, you don’t need to load up on an enormous amount of calories to build muscle. An extra 50 – 100 a day will be sufficient.

3. Focus on proper nutrition between fitness training workouts. That means eating a balanced diet from all the major food groups. Also, make sure you are properly hydrated with water.

4. Proper post workout nutrient timing. No matter what type of exercise, it is always advised to consume carbohydrates, and protein within 1 hour of a difficult workout.

5. Allow adequate rest between your fitness training sessions. Remember, the higher the exercise fitness workout intensity, the more rest is needed between training sessions. High intensity strength training will need more rest between sessions than doing cardiovascular work at 60% of your maximum heart rate.

The objective of this article is to get you to realize what goes on after the workout is as important as the workout itself. You will reach your exercise fitness workout goals faster if you pay close attention to what you do outside of your fitness training session.


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