How to Entertain Children at Your Wedding


It’s very easy to be wrapped up in all the decisions of a wedding day and forget some of the small practicalities that the big day will call for. When you’re planning your romantic dance and when you look into each other’s eyes and have your song playing, do you really want a child screaming in the background of your wedding video or running in between you?

As much as children are a major part of any wedding, you don’t want them to take the focus of any of your intimate and tender moments with the usual sulks and tantrums. So nowadays a lot of wedding day packages include childrens wedding entertainers. Have an entertainer booked to keep the little angels busy when you need a more adult vibe.

Providing the children with their own entertainment throughout the day, will help them be happy on a day they should enjoy. However a wedding day is very long and through a small child’s eyes it is quite boring, apart from the really big cake they’re not allowed to touch. So think of them too during the planning and if you’re budget can stretch to get them something to enjoy and keep them out of the way.

An entertainer can be there to keep them interested and amused with crafts, face painting (after the main photos!), designing t-shirts and caps. Your venue may even be able to provide you with a separate room to keep the entertainment quieter, when you need, so the children don’t have to sit through the speeches.

Some entertainment companies can also supply chocolate fountains, party bags and candy buffets to keep the kids happy (and some of the adults too). A chocolate fountain is always a nice addition to any wedding but it will definitely win over the kids if they have their own one to enjoy.

Having something for the children also means a few parents can relax and enjoy themselves to and it will make a real difference to the ambiance of your wedding day and especially how it is remembered in years to come.


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